Life is the bubbles

For my quote this week I used the quote ‘Life is the bubbles’ from the song in the little mermaid ‘under the sea’.


For my first main page I painted the background blue with liquitez acrylic paints, I outlined a border with my black Graphix pen and coloured inside the lines with black acrylic paint. I stamped the background with a scroll clear stamp using my archival ink pad to create texture. I used a flower stencil on the background to add even more texture, using a white gesso with a sponge. I used white modelling paste through a Tim Holtz letter stencil, then coloring over the modelling paste once dried with watercolor aqua pens instead of mixing acrylic paint with the modelling paste to create color. I took a scrap piece of paper that I keep when something has gone wrong with my art or I want to try out a method, and I thought that this piece would look the best for a mermaids tail. I cut out the shape of a mermaids tail and glued it to the middle of my page. I used watercolor paper and a pencil and drew out three beach huts and a light house. I outlined them with my graphix black pen and colored them with watercolor aqua pens and then added little highlights with a signo white gel pen. I wanted them to look abstract and fun so didn’t worry about it looking perfect. I used washi tape at the sides to cover up some of the spare space, cutting an edge to them and I layered two flower embellishments I had, using my signo white gel pen to draw a small dot in the middle and stamped over it with a butterfly stamp then gluing it to the top left hand corner.


For my quote page I decided to make my own version of a treasure map. I tore some of my watercolor paper, making the edges look torn on purpose and then used a wet teabag to create an old and worn look. I used my world stamp and gear stamps with my archival stamp. I cut out pieces of watercolor paper and colored them with my watercolor aqua pens, using a light blue color. I used my word stamps with my archival ink pad and then used my white signo gel pen to highlight the words. I cut the words out individually, cutting an edge to each side. I then bordered them with the ink from my archival ink pad. For the background, I copied what I did for my other page, using a black border, a blue acrylic background and stenciling two stencils to the back to add texture, with white gesso and modelling paste. I used my butterfly stamp, not stamping the whole stamp with my black archival ink, to create texture to the page. I used a sparkly blue flower embellishment I had and glued it to the bottom right hand corner. I used three different travel related wasabi tape with a edge cut on them to complete the page.




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