To win, To fly, To conquer, To thrive

Hello! For this week I did a quote from Nicki minaj’s song Fly ft. Rihanna


For the background of my piece I used a pink acrylic paint and created a border with black acrylic paint around the sides. I have quite a lot of butterfly stamps so used several of them with archival ink to create texture on the background. I also used a music stamp and a flower stamp for the background. I used a white modelling paste through a letter stencil to create some additional texture to the background, one of the stencils I stenciled through I made a mistake with using too much modelling paste and it did not look good once dried so I drew over it with a color similar to the background. I used white stamping ink to stamp three half butterflies onto the black border.  For the main picture  part of my page I decided to make hot air balloons to fit the theme of flying. I drew balloons on watercolor paper. I drew it with a pencil and then outlined it with my graphix black pen. I drew the baskets and the balloon separately so that I could draw the ropes straight onto the page. I used my watercolor spectrum Aqua pens to color the balloons and the baskets. I dried the watercolor paint while wet with a dryer on my purple balloon and got an effect at the top of my balloon which I really liked the look of. I used a butterfly paper shape cutter to cut butterflies out of my scrapbook paper and spread them around my page to fit the theme of flying.


For my main quote page I used a manila tag for my quote. I sprayed pink dylusions ink spray through a fairy stencil for the background of the tag. I then painted some card with pink acrylic paint. I stamped the words with letter stamps using my white ink. The words came out not too clear so I went over them when they had dried with my white signo gel pen. I cut out the words individually and glued them onto the tag. I then used my black graphix pen to outline the tag and the individual words. I had some cut out paper flowers so sprayed them with pink and red dylusions ink sprays, I then stamped over them with a Tim Holtz star stamp using black archival ink. I overlapped two flowers and stuck them together using double sided foam sticky tape to give a 3D effect. I then overlapped the two separate flowers I made at the side of the page. As my page had to do with flying I drew a pair of wings to go with the theme. I drew a pair of wings, outlining it with a black graphix pen once again. I then used my spectrum aqua watercolors to color it in. As the last final touch I used my white ink with a butterfly stamp to stamp over everything evenly in the book, as if the butterflies were flying past.


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