Floating like a butterfly


My lyric this week was ‘Floating like a butterfly’ from the song ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry


For my background I tried a new technique I had never tried before. I glued butterfly decoupage paper onto my background and once it dried I used a ranger blending tool to color the decoupage paper in spiced marmalade distress ink. I then used modelling paste through a card butterfly stencil i had to add texture to my background. When the modelling paste had dried I used my ranger blending tool again to color the butterflies in the same color as the background. I then used my crystal craft ink pad in a metallic silver color with my butterfly stamp and stamped the image all over my background, I also used a english script stamp using the same ink and stamped the background with it.


For my main page I drew three butterflies. I did one big butterfly and two small ones, each with different patterns and different wing shapes. I sketched them out and then used my Graphix black pen to outline them. I colored them messily with my Aqua spectrum watercolor pens and then added water, using my heating tool to dry it immediately.I kept adding water with my pental Aquash water brush and drying it with my heat tool  to create a unique watercolor effect once the watercolor had dried. I then drew the pattern on my butterflies with black graphix pen and colored the circles with my signo white gel pen. I then used my American craft silver and gold metallic pens to make dots on the wings and color in some of the circles. On my large butterfly I drew swirls and on my two smaller ones I made the design mainly consist of dots and circles. For my butterflies I only used pinks, purples and oranges because I thought that went the best with the background.


For my main quote page I decoupaged a manila tag the same way I did the background. I layered decoupage paper on the tag, cutting the decoupage into strips to layer them. I used watercolor paper for the quote, coloring it with the spiced marmalade distress ink to match the background and stamping the quote on with my dovecraft stamps using black ink. I cut the words out individually and put them on my tag, outlining them with my black graphix pen. I then used the metallic crystal craft ink pad to stamp butterflies onto my manila tag like I did with the background. I drew an additional butterfly for my quote page, using the same watercolor technique but this time drawing antennas for the butterfly and stripping the butterflies body using my black graphix pen and white gel signo pen, I used the same colors I did for the previous butterflies and used the metallic pens and white gel pen to create the dots. I then drew two halves of butterfly wings and used the watercolor effect on them again, placing them at the sides of the manila tag next to the quote as if they were coming from the sides of the tag. I then drew a Caterpillar, I drew the Caterpillar with my graphix black pen and did the same watercolor effect, using all light pinks. I drew circles just like I did on the butterflies and colored them with white signo gel pen and used my metallic pens as dots all around the caterpillars body.

As a finishing touch I used my butterfly paper cutter to cut out butterflies from my scrapbook paper and put them all over both of my pages, even on my butterflies and Caterpillar as if the butterflies were flying past them.



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