As long as I can feel the beat

Hello, my quote for this week was ‘As long as I can feel the beat’ from the song ‘Cheap Thrills’ by ‘Sia’


For my background I used orange and yellow liquitex acrylic paint, blending them together to create a vibrant background. I then mixed modelling paste with liquitex black acrylic paint and used it through a dylusions square stencil over both of the pages. To add some additional texture I used my American crafts music stamp with black archival ink and stamped it over both of my pages.


For my main page I decided to draw drums to associate with the word beat in my quote. I drew four drums with my graphix black pen on watercolor paper and then colored them using my aqua spectrum watercolor pens. I added lots of water and used my heat gun on the image as I added the water to create a special effect. I then used glitter pens from paperchase in blue, silver and orange to highlight certain areas of the drums and then went back over my lines with my graphix pen again. I then drew drum sticks to go with my drums, doing two drumsticks for each drum but only one for the last drum. I drew them out with my graphix pen and colored them in different shades of orange watercolor once again using my aqua spectrum watercolor pens. I then stamped the handle of the drumsticks with my american craft music stamp using black archival ink. Then I used red and orange paperchase glitter pens to color in the end part of the drumstick, alternating colors. Then I overlapped them and stuck them down.


For my quote page I drew a pair of headphones with a beat coming out of them. I drew the headphones and beat separately  using my graphix black pen and then stuck the beat to the inside of the headphones. I then used the same watercolor technique that I used on the drums. I colored part of the headphones in the blue paperchase glitter pens to make it stand out and stamped the american crafts music stamp on the outside of the headphones with black archival ink.  For my quote I cut out two different pieces of watercolor paper, one bigger than the other. On the bigger piece I used an orange and red dylusions spray to color it and then for the smaller piece of paper I used a pink aqua spectrum watercolor pen, spraying over it with a ranger ink pink perfect pearls mist. I then overlapped them together and stamped the bottom half and top half of the bigger piece of paper with the American Craft music stamp. I then colored another piece of watercolor paper in a pink decoart acrylic paint and once that had dried painted over it with a pink decoart glitter paint to give it sparkle. I stamped out the quote using my dovecraft letter stamps using black archival ink. I cut the words out individually and stuck them onto the quote background, using a black pen to create borders for each word.

As a finishing touch I colored a piece of watercolor paper in lots of different colors, ranging from pink to blue using my aqua spectrum watercolor pens and then used my butterfly shape cutter to cut out a lot of butterflies. I stamped over the butterflies with the music stamp and then put them all over both of the pages and all around my quote.



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