It feels like a perfect night

My quote for this week was ‘It feels like a perfect night’ from the song ’22’ by ‘Taylor Swift’


For the background I started by  using a purple liquitex acrylic paint mixed with a dark blue liquitex acrylic paint to create the color for the background.I then painted all over the background with Art Deco glitter paint. I then mixed a yellow liquitex acrylic paint with modelling paste and used it through a Dylusions star stencil all over the background. Once it had dried I used a butterfly clear stamp with black archival ink and stamped it all over the background to get the pattern onto some of the stars. Finally I used my American craft silver metallic pen and dotted all of the background with it.


For my main page I drew out a silhouette of a skyline onto watercolor paper and then colored it with my spectrum aqua watercolor pens. I used a black color and a blue color and blended them into each other to make it half black and half blue. Once it had dried I painted over it with Deco Art acrylic paint as I did with the background to make it sparkly. I also drew out stars onto the watercolor paper, coloring them with spectrum aqua watercolor pens in different blue colors and then drying them with my heat gun while adding water to it, then going over them with Deco Art glitter paint. Once it had dried I used my Tim Holtz star stamp with black archival ink and stamped the image a few times on my stars. Once I had stuck both the silhouette down and the stars I outlined both in signo white gel pen and outlined  the inside of the strt with my black graphix pen. I then used my signo gel pen to draw swirls all over the buildings.


For my quote page I continued what I did on my main page. I did a continuation of the building silhouette and did two stars along with it. I also cut out half of a moon on watercolor paper and colored it with my American crafts metallic pen, I then used my signo white gel pen to outline it and draw swirls like I did on the buildings and  then used my American crafts purple metallic pen to create dots on it. For my quote I colored watercolor paper in a light blue using my aqua spectrum watercolor pens, drying it as I added water with my heat gun. I again painted over it with my Deco Art glitter paint as I wanted to make everything on my page sparkle. I then stamped on the quote with my dovecraft letter stamps using black archival ink and cut out the words separately. I stuck them at the bottom of my building silhouette and then made borders for each word with my white signo gel pen.

As a finishing touch I drew a few background starts with my white signo gel pen.



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